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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 1x1

New World Order

Six months after half of all life returned from the Blip, Sam Wilson works with the U.S. Air Force to stop Georges Batroc and the terrorist group LAF, who have hijacked a plane and taken an Air Force member hostage, with support from first lieutenant Joaquin Torres. Wilson, who was given the mantle of Captain America by Steve Rogers, struggles with this idea and decides to give Rogers’ shield to the U.S. government for a museum display. Bucky Barnes, who was recently pardoned, attends government-mandated therapy. He discusses his attempts to make amends for his time as a brainwashed assassin, the Winter Soldier.

Torres investigates another terrorist group, the Flag-Smashers, who believe life was better during the Blip. Torres is injured by a member of the group with superhuman strength when he sees them rob a bank in Switzerland, and he informs Wilson, who has been attempting to help his reluctant sister Sarah with the family fishing business in Delacroix, Louisiana. The government soon announces a new Captain America, John Walker.

Mar. 19, 2021